Predicting Apex Legends Season 4

Updated: Jan 9, 2020

It feels like there's a storm brewing...

As of this article, we are little over a month away from the first anniversary of Apex Legends (5th February). What it also happens to be is when Season 3 of Apex Legends ends. As with prior to the last couple of seasons, within the game world itself, there's usually been a few teases towards an upcoming season. For example for Season 2, Flyers holding death boxes began to appear and the Leviathans began to move closer and closer to Kings Canyon, where eventually they ended up on the map itself. For Season 3, players were able to not only hear but spot Crypto around the map, running through underground tunnels and hacking terminals. Since Season 4 is near, we should start to see and hear about some teases about now right? Well I have a theory, and the teases already started weeks ago.

For this article there's a few things we'll go into: datamined leaks, current events in game as well as some theory crafting by yours truly. If this doesn't sound like your kind of thing, sorry bud, time to click away, but it's all just for a bit of fun anyway.

What We Already Know

In the run up to the Halloween event released back in October 2019, in the trailer for it, a figure with a rather 'haunting' voice could be seen standing on a hill in Kings Canyon as well as being the announcer for the special Shadowfall mode. This character is believed to be called Revenant, as previously revealed through data mined leaks found in late 2019. Revenant is assumed to become the 12th playable legend when Season 4 hits in February 2020. As updates have been rolled out for the game, his abilities in the data mined leaks have been changing. Some of his abilities include shooting a poison dart that can track an enemy for sixty seconds and being able to disable other players abilities for ten seconds (something which occurred in the Shadowfall mode when you died). Revenant, if you've seen up close pictures of him, has a half skull for a face, so it almost looks like he's going for a death like appearance... don't worry, all this talk will come into play in the theory I have.

Currently Going On In-Game

Players have been battling it out in World's Edge for three months now. On one side of the map you have boiling hot lava flooding the Dome and Thermal Station, and on the other side you have a cold frozen landscape caused by some sort of meltdown in the Epicentre. In the distance as well is a volcano which is constantly exploding, shooting out huge plumes of ashy cloud. If you look at the map from the drop ship, near Thermal Station and the Tree, it almost looks like a good chunk of the map once fell off into the depths below.

If you've been to the Sorting Factory in the last few weeks, you might have noticed that the crates which can be found on the conveyor belts have begun moving and taking supplies underground. One thing that many should bear in mind is that this no doubt isn't the case of Respawn simply forgetting to have these moving since October; everything is planned out carefully in this game, so it's clear their sudden movement isn't for no reason.

One other thing which players have been experiencing, which may or may not just be some sort of bug (after all there are still a few right now) is that if you switch to a grenade or thermal charge or arc star, you won't always get to see the aim line when throwing it. Sure, you can just about see where it's about to land when you aim it, but in order to be able to see the aim line, you have to not rush to aim when you've switched to any throwables.

Our Season 4 Theory

So bearing all this in mind, what theory have I come up with on what will happen in Season 4? Well... the Apocalypse is coming.

Let's start with what will cause the apocalypse: Revenant and the volcano. It's clear that Revenant seems to love the idea of killing people, and what better way to do that than to bring the apocalypse to do just that (very symbolic to the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, with Revenant being Death himself). I believe the volcano will erupt more fiercely, causing the map to become a little smaller (as some might say its just a tad big). The way it will get smaller is that Thermal Station, which if you see on the map has lava surrounding the area, will break off, leaving a chunk in the south west of the map. The Dome as well will either break off or receive a massive overhaul, perhaps chunks of the dome falling onto the ground due to earthquakes.

What about the moving cargo? Well although the world might get smaller, I reckon these cargo crates are being used for the underground tunnels which will open up, linking some areas up with each other. These tunnels will open up due to the meteors which will now reach Worlds Edge from the volcano. Similar to the Leviathans lifting up their leg and stomping the ground, I believe meteors will fall in certain locations across the map, killing anyone caught underneath the meteor strike.

What about the grenade bug? Well a squad mate of mine had heard rumours that this "bug" is intentional (though this might be hard to believe since it affects the games meta quite a bit). The theory is that the bug is a tease to a new weapon that will be introduced into Season 4: a grenade launcher. Now the few people I've suggested this to groaned at the idea, as they don't like the fact they could all be safe underneath Gibraltar's dome shield and then some dude comes in with a grenade launcher and wipes everyone up with it. But with that being said, the Titanfall universe does have its own grenade launcher gun called the Mag Launcher (or MGL for short), and since most of the in-game guns in Apex Legends are based off of the Titanfall guns, it's quite possible this could be the case.

There's one more thing about some of the map changes: I think the Epicenter will melt. World's Edge will begin to heat up, finally causing the Epicenter to melt and slightly flood the ground. This means that while the tower in Thermal Station would be completely gone, the one at Epicenter would be completely opened up. So not only did it Meltdown, but it will have also "melted down"... I'm so 'punny'.

With the apocalypse happening all over World's Edge, this would mean that, through narrative trailers, in Season 5 players would return to a new and improved Kings Canyon.

So as I said, this article was all for a bit of fun. Do you agree with my theory or do you have your own assumptions on what we can expect? To be honest an Apocalypse would be an amazing bang to celebrate the first anniversary of Apex Legends, don't you think?

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