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Welcome… to Jurassic Pa—

Crap, sorry, I have a habit of spouting pop culture from time to time (get used to that...).

Welcome to GamerGhost. If you’ve ever followed my Twitter account , you’ll already know I have some— I mean a lot to say. For a long time, I’ve been trying to follow my passion and make it into the video games industry ever since my college years. I can only assume I had been going about it the wrong way; I would apply for jobs for video game news websites, but the articles I would send of my work would be 8 years old. I used to write for a video game website named Nave360 and… well let’s say I was young and, while yes I could form sentences, my writing skills could definitely have used a maturity upgrade.

So who exactly am I and what can you expect from GamerGhost?

Well, hello, I’m Charlie, some of you know me though as Kranitoko. For six years I used to run a YouTube channel named KranitokoGames, which mostly just hosted videos for the MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic. After that period of time, I decided to stop as things just didn’t seem like they were going anywhere for me. I wanted to branch out and do more than Star Wars, but viewers just didn’t want that. Making videos for my channel was an absolute blast, I’m not going to lie. But it took a MASSIVE chunk out of my time. I’d go to work, come home, go straight to recording a video, let it render, upload, sleep. That was my day, which meant I didn’t have time for anything else but that.

Instead then, I thought, what if I started up my own website where I could say anything I want to the audience I want? Start fresh. I’ve always wanted to get into the industry and my passion is video games; it just sounded like a no brainer to me. Plus, since this is for the time being just my own personal website, I could write when I want with no rush to be the first to get a certain article out there. Of course all of that could change over time. Maybe the site will grow so large that it no longer becomes my personal blog, but a multi-million viewed website…

…NAH. I can dream.

So this is what I’m asking you, the one reading this now.

Stick around. Come keep me company and enjoy the twists and turns GamerGhost may go through.

And to the future me, who may be coming back to this article for nostalgic reasons:

I hope you’re still believing in yourself as you were when you wrote this.

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